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Amanda Tomasoa: Brushstrokes of hope and courage

I was a former missionary who became a volunteer on board the MV Doulos, once touted as the world’s largest floating bookshop. For 2 years, I travelled to 12 countries with my fellow volunteers from more than 40 countries. It was a time of discovery and awakening. I saw the beauty of the world while witnessing the heartbreaking realities that marred it.

The MV Doulos also marked the beginning of a new chapter in my life: wife and mother. My husband and I moved to Indonesia where he continued his career as a gospel singer, songwriter and producer while I started to feed my passion for art.

In 1995, I sold my first art pieces that were eventually reproduced on t-shirts and stationary aimed at children. Together with an investor, I launched my line of t-shirts and created decorative handicrafts on chopping boards.

In 1997, the Asian financial crisis hit Indonesia. Our family decided to move to New Zealand in 1999, to escape the chaos that accompanied the crisis.

Being a new immigrant to New Zealand led to my rebirth as an artist. I decided to use my art as a platform for positive change. A vehicle that would remind people that, in the midst of life’s challenges, it is our unwavering faith and trust in God that would see us through it. I wanted my art to reflect all that was beautiful, bountiful and colorful in life.

To achieve this, I decided to hone my artistic talents and in 2004, I received my diploma in Creativity. My first solo exhibition was held on the same year.

I have always found abstract as the best form to express my ideas and thoughts. I revel in the liberating exuberance of abstractionism. the vibrant colours and gently meandering strokes allow me to convey my messages of hope and courage.

My art celebrates life. It carries my deep gratitude for the abundance that I have been blessed to receive. It speaks of perseverance, courage and strength – testimonies to the enduring will of the human spirit. It is a quiet reassurance that, by God’s grace, all will be well.

I harbor the lofty goal that my art will become a key instrument in transforming lives. I would like to convert my artwork into different mediums and, in the process, do my share for Indonesia’s local economy by creating jobs. To help provide for a better tomorrow to those who greatly need to believe that there is, indeed, a better tomorrow is my way of honouring the birthplace of my art career.

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