I am Amanda the Creative Nut on a Mission. Creating fun things and making a positive change in someone’s life is what I am about.

Hopefully when you look at my art, especially if you own it and it is living in your space, that you will feel lifted up by the colours and subject matter I chose for you. I Love style and I think some of my art works will look absolutely smashing on scarves, cushion cover, t shirts, dresses, bags and accessories…

I am anti sweat shop, so it’s been a long time coming, but I have finally chosen to work with a Bali manufacturer getting my art printed onto cushion covers and lampshades.

That’s why the cost of my homewares may be higher than what you may get from certain stores that get theirs made in factories elsewhere. However, I thought you will understand once you know that the money went to families who made my items and both my business partner and I have met with some of the people involved. We are aware we need to make the products more affordable so we are looking to work with another manufacturer in Bandung whose factory we have scout out too.

Let’s make a powerful impact on some people’s lives, shall we? During my travels to South East Asia, India etc, I noticed that Colours played a huge part in the people’s existence. It made me realized that this was what helped bring cheer into their lives no matter how hard their circumstances were. It also came to my attention that during their grand events, colours were used meaningfully.

People have tried to put me in a box but what is the point of trying to be like the majority, when the most Creative One, God, has wonderfully Crafted me to be how I am? So away with the dull, In with the joyful happy colours! Yours, with fun, passion and purpose in life,


Amanda Tomasoa started her art career in Indonesia back in 1995 wile caring for her four year old boy in a foreign land. She stated with whatever she could find and created cartoon characters with positive words using colour pencils. Then she went on to crayons on cutting boards and started a little gift shop in her home. Soon she had a clientele made up of her singer producer friends whom her singer husband worked with. Feelign bold, She took the bus to meet with the owners of a huge gift store in Jakarta and pitched her ideas to them. They were sold and bought 7 of her 8 drawings. Soon Amanda’s art were on kids t shirts, posters, stationary etc. Amanda had a wonderful career in Indonesia as a full time artist. In 1998 due to the economical and troubled time in the land, her family and her moved to New Zealand in 1999. In 2003, Amanda tried painting on canvas and taught herself. By 2004, She took a year online learning with the Learning Connexion but is mainly self taught. She was a prolific painter during 2004 – 2007 and managed to sell her art despite the cold reception from Auckland galleries. She had 4 solo exhibitions and exhibited extensively in NZ. By 2014 despite being in full time work, she has exhibited in four continents and through the virtual world of Second Life As AmandaT Tamatzui. Being a woman with tenacity, not willing to give up no matter what, Amanda is thankful to her supportive husband and family and is now a Course teacher, Missionary and an Entrepreneur.