I started painting this piece in 2015/ 2016 I think…,

As part of my Whimsical series where you see a girl in striped stockings. No idea why I am so fascinated with stripes either! My dolls wear stripes, I wear stripes and I paint characters wearing stripes! 

 In any case , about that time.. my buddy at work was diagnosed with Cancer and subsequently passed away within 6 months. 
I wrote her name onto one of the books in my painting as a memoriam to her but it got too painful for me to continue. Therefore I put it aside for a couple of years.
The reason why books and words play a significant part in my life thus my creations is because reading books brought me out of my own personal struggles as a kid. 
Feeling shy, unloved, ugly and unhappy. I turned to books to live my alternate fantasy life.
As time passed. I started getting a new wind for this piece.. and it is now my current favorite work. It’s still unfinished.. and there is a few ways it could end.. Will there be flowers growing from her stool? Will there be flying birds? Butterflies? Books? Words?
So many decisions. And isn’t this like life sometimes? 
At times, we are stuck in a limbo… at times excited, at times we have so many choices in life and decisions to be made.. Do we take more time to decide? Or do we just choose a path and stick with it? 
Do we choose and give ourselves the grace to change our paths later?
What do you think?

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Dear Amanda,
I love your transparency in sharing your inner most thoughts with Art Collectors and Art Lover.
The glimpse you portray realises the dilemma Artists face when creating, yet through the passage of time healing happens for the completion of any one artwork.

Personally I would add both flowers and butterflies to the finished artwork.

Butterflies symbolic of transformation through time
Flowers for the natural growth and cycles of life.

Much love

PS: My perception of why you love painting stripes which are your signature is the acknowledgment of your inner child continually present in your life…… Bravo

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