Are you ready for 2020?


An Amanda Tomasoa painting of Toucan, Swans in love, and a hodgepodge of decorations. Love how the colours and designs are so fun! 🙂 Walls are bleary enough by themselves , usually.

What are your thoughts as 2020 looms near? Are you like many who has a New Year resolution every year? Do you go somewhere new or an annual retreat for yourself to reflect and plan?

Do you have a checklist you go through yearly?

Now that I am older, I don’t make resolutions, but I can’t help getting hopeful or even excited about potentially having a restart button somewhere. Or if the year has been pretty good, a booster button so it gets better. 😊


First, I want to mindfully enjoy my December days as I do love the holiday vibe and Christmassy feeling being a big kid at heart. I love Christmas songs so much I would even listen to it at other times of the year, though quietly.  I do get embarrassed and so does my 28 year old son. If I catch myself humming a Christmas tune outside of the season, I tend to kick myself mentally. Ha! Ha!


This time, I want to celebrate Christmas with friends, families and a few chosen neighbours. They are all important and I hope no lonely person in my vicinity gets ignored.

I have started thinking of easy to make food that’s still delicious and nutritious (hopefully) and I am deciding perhaps I may celebrate it on Sunday 22 Dec as shops will still be open and I can buy ice or extra food if I need to.

Not having an extra fridge or freezer can be a pain at times when I have a big gathering. However, it’s not something I do often, so I do not really need the extra Whiteware.


I am trying to tell my son it’s better we save up for more travels as we both LOVE to travel!

It broadens our minds and gives us something to look forward to and look back on. It is one big reason why I am in business too. I need more money and reason to travel and enjoy my life that way. Being able to afford going places with my little family is great.


I have also decided to do the Sophie Howard’s How to sell on Amazon course. I think this might help me see if I can sell my Limited Edition items there. Though it might mean no longer being a limited edition item.

However, I still get to support my Fair Trade manufacturers and charity The core of my business is ‘Using creativity and fun to spread the powerful message of love while helping someone in need’ and it is very me, I think!

With my husband and son’s support, I hope this will move my business on to a higher level.

Okay, enough of my update for now.

I would love to wish you everything you need to do in order to enjoy the last few weeks of 2019 and some fabulous preparations for 2020. Please do share what you have in mind? Put it in the comments below please?




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