Celebrate life using colours


Celebrate life using colours


Celebrate life using colours!

A painting about the awesome life between swans, the colours and cheekiness of Toucans and the fun of combining patterns, colours together .

abt 76 cm by 101 cm by 3.5 cm deep.

Acrylic on Canvas



Celebrate Life using colours

Life is to be celebrated in fullness and joy! How we see life and what it brings us, seem to dictate how we respond to it. Rather than being negative in our outlook, if we practice a positive mindset, something shifts immediately. Go on, try it!

Say you are working in a retail store right now and you feel bored, pretend this is your store and start thinking what you will do differently if it belonged to you. Can you tidy things up a bit better? Will you organize the products with more care?

I remember as a child having to iron clothes.. when I fantasized owning a boutique and ironing my clothing for sale, I had fun instead!

I was working in the Nursery among beautiful plants for a huge retail company… during Summer, it got too hot for me and I got grouchy. Seemed like there was no way out.  Then one day, I decided to make sure I topped up on my sun cream worked under shelter when the sun was unbearable. If I had to be out in the sun between noon and 2 PM, I imagined myself getting tanned and beautiful at the beach .

I looked forward to when I could water my plants in the mornings and evenings and had fun. Customers would smile at me as I hummed while working.

My Art is my canvas for fun.

I try to impart some fun and happiness to my viewers. I see it as me cheering them on. Most walls in houses are plain and dreary.. that’s why I love creating art works that pop colours ! A good combination of colours can truly cheer up the soul and I am all for that. I like to think about subject matters that my viewers might enjoy too.

This year, I learnt that swans usually love only one partner till they die. Being the romantic that I am, I thought it was rather special and wanted to share it with you.

Toucans are adorable and cheeky looking so I drew that for you too.

Please let me know your thoughts on it.





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