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Freedom From Within


Size : 76 W x 53 H x 3.4 cm

Subjects: Fantasy

 Abstract, Expressionism, Figurative, Modern, Fine Art, Expressionism



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As a young girl, I had zero confidence. I thought I had to act like a boy to be loved and accepted by my parents who longed for a son ( they only had us four wonderful girls) and people. So I spent a lot of my free time living in my imaginary world and reading fictional books which became my best friends.

Then one day, as a 17 year old, I discovered God’s Love for me and that He created me as a girl. That set me free from my years of self doubt and crippling insecurities!

Since then, I have traveled to 16 countries, lived a colourful life and tried helping others believe in their self worth too.

In this piece, I used books as a resting stool for my girl character, looking at the two dimensional birds flying freely about. I like the shape of bird cages but never with birds in them.
The Rose symbolizes my femininity and the faces in the background share my belief in an outer dimension of life outside of us. My belief in a living God who is so creative, He probably created more than we know.

I used Acrylic to paint on canvas as the medium dries quicker than oil and this suits my character which doesn’t like to wait!


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