He Sang Her A Love Song


He Sang Her A Love Song


60.9 cm by  91.4 cm by 3.5 cm


The dynamics between a man and a woman in a relationship interest me.. especially my own relationship. My husband and I met while volunteering on board the MV Doulos ship in late 1987 and became a couple about a year later. Then we dated for another one and a half year before we got married in Indonesia in 1990. Our only child Travis, was born the following year.

Life happened and we went through good and bad times just like most couples.

We have to work on our love is about give and take. It is about expressing our love even if it means letting others know that he/she is still the one for us. By declaring it out we have accountability as well. What better way for a singer than for him to sing her a love song?

What better way for her than to listen to him sing with her heart and admiring him openly?

This series explore my belief that we are not alone, we have God, His angels and other created beings in the 4th dimension and more.


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