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He Sang Her a Love Song


  • Size: 91 cm W x 61 cm  H x 3.5 cm D 
  • Material: Acrylic on Canvas
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At age 10, I watched Warlords and fell for Charleston Heston who played the main character. I saw his pic in the newspaper and imagined him riding up to me to take me away for a ride.

I was also a very shy kid, so reading was my favourite past time.

I love a bit of whimsical fantasy too.. and in my paintings..
I can have it however I want it to be!

Books that defies gravity? Why not?

Our minds have no borders except perhaps, moral borders… And I sometimes wish I can paint some of the wonderful pictures and ideas I see in my inner world.

Hopefully, this piece of my work brings a smile to your face and warmth to your heart… because you matter to me and I wish to impart some joy to you.


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