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Sheltered Life


  • Size: 20 cm W x  20 cm H x 1.3cm D  
  • Material: Acrylic and Gesso on canvas

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 I was born in Malaysia and lived a sheltered life where I was not exposed to the ways of the world. It was easy to shock me and I would not have survived in the world by myself.

When I came to live in New Zealand in 1999, I underwent some experiences which shocked me but helped me realize there was more to life than what I had grown up with. Even during my two years on board the MV Doulos travelling to 10 countries, I was often in the protection of my Christian family on board the ship.

So I was not prepared for the different lifestyles and expectations of my new home country.

Thankfully, I was able to adapt and accept and now, I have some colourful friends and feel myself richer for it.


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